Our Curriculum Intent

The educational provision we want for all of our students

Every child can succeed when provided with a caring, inclusive environment where they have access to a curriculum that empowers them with knowledge, experience and entitlement. Our high quality curriculum enables a breadth of experience for our students, valuing every child so that they engage in their schooling and reach their potential. Our curriculum drives our vision: Students First: Raising Standards and Transforming Lives.

All children, from Early Years through to Year 6 at primary/junior to Years 7 to 11 at secondary and where appropriate Years 12 and 13 at Post 16, are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum offering a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to deepen their understanding and support their personal growth. We encourage all students to be safe, be respectful and be responsible. 

We want our students to learn the ‘grammar’ of each subject respecting the traditions and importance of subject disciplines. We provide a clear narrative of what we teach, why we teach it and how it is taught and assessed so that we know if it is understood. Knowledge and skills are inextricably linked and the performance of skills is enhanced by what we know and understand.  We believe the acquisition of knowledge empowers our students and appreciate that if children don’t remember what we have taught them, then even the richest curriculum is pointless. Knowledge is powerful when it is remembered.

Our academies focus the enhancement of literacy and numeracy. All children require this core knowledge to enable their access and success across both our curriculum and their future.  A wide range of subject routes and pathways support students’ changing interests, aspirations and needs preparing them for higher education and meaningful, productive employment.  To complement our students’ academic study, we provide a wealth of support, guidance and engagement opportunities that enrich their educational experience. All students are supported in their learning, contribution and participation in every aspect of school life to aid their progress, personal growth and well-being. 

The power of our inclusive curriculum rests in our determination that all of our students be creative, well-rounded and responsible citizens who fulfil their potential and play a positive role in society. For young people attending our academies we provide an educational experience that ensures accessibility, knowledge, responsibility and enjoyment.



Our Curriculum Implementation

How we deliver, teach and assess our curriculum

We recognise that developing our students’ understanding is not a simple threshold but rather a gradual accumulation and reordering of knowledge over time. The following principles underpin our curriculum planning:

  • Specific: content design clearly states what children learn across the year and throughout their time at Outwood; 

  • Cumulative: each year builds upon the next structuring points of recall and revisit of core knowledge and making links to prior, current and future learning;

  • Well-rounded: all subjects enrich a child’s education and when complemented by our wider curriculum empower and transform a child’s life; 

  • Preparatory: expectation is age related preparing and encouraging all children in their next steps to progress in both their current and future studies; 

  • Rigorous: complex and rigorous academic topics are carefully planned and taught to aid recall, build competence and foster self-belief and pride.