Computer Science Event For Year 8 Students Hosted By Global Technology Leaders

Students from the Outwood Family of Schools were given a computer masterclass by a global technology leader.

Four Year 8 students from each of Outwood Grange Academies Trust’s (OGAT) 21 secondary schools were invited to a computer science event. 

Hosted by ARM, the world’s leading semiconductor IP company, on February 15that the Wakefield South East Training and Enterprise Centre (WSETEC), the event enabled the students to get a better understanding of technology. 

Ben Barnes, Director of Computer Science at OGAT, said: “We were thrilled that ARM offered to host this event for the students. It was fantastic to see them engaging with the different activities held throughout the day and developing their learning and knowledge.

“At OGAT, we believe in putting students first and events like this, held by global leaders in their field, only helps enthuse students for learning and raises standards.

“We are grateful to ARM for coming in and hosting such a great event, and we look forward to similar events in the future.”

The event was conducted by ARM Education, which works with academic, education and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development through computing and STEM.

Prior to the event, each group of students had been tasked with created a design for a smart street light. They were informed what equipment they would have available to create the street light. 

At the WSETEC, the challenge was on and the students had to implement their designs using BBC micro:bits as well as other peripherals using an iterative design approach. 

As part of the task, the street light was required to react to the environment around it and students were also asked to consider how it could communicate important information, should it be needed.

Each group was judged on three areas; how well they worked as a team; the marketing materials they had created; and how they had managed to code their micro:bits to create a smart street light.

The eventual winners on the day were Outwood Academy Freeston (pictured), who received a bag of goodies to further pursue their interests in the area of Computer Science and coding.