Local Junior School Students Rewarded For Helping Keep Their Community Clean

Two pupils from a local Scunthorpe junior school have been rewarded doing their bit for a green future, and to keep their local area clean and tidy.

Aaron Watson and Ralph Springall, Year 5 pupils are Outwood Junior Academy Brumby, have recently received praise on social media due to their litter picking.

The two young boys were spotted by members of the public, including former Barnsley and Grimbsy striker, Nathan Jarman,  when they were litter picking on Bushfield Road.

Nathan, who posted on Facebook praising the boys’ attitudes and actions, said: “I was really blown away by the two after I saw what they were doing and had a chat with them.

“I’d had quite a challenging day, but seeing Ralph and Aaron really did pick my spirits up. To see two young guys doing something like this off their own initiative was really uplifting.

“The pair of them should be really proud of themselves, they are a great example to others.”

Nathan was so impressed with the boys’ efforts that he arranged for them to be rewarded, and teamed up with Des Comerford, of fashion retailer Fallen Hero, to gift the boys clothing. Further to this, Ralph and Aaron have also received a few gifts from Kixx Academy Scunthorpe.

Kixx Academy is a programme which offers a high energy and fun introduction to physical activity and fitness through football. Nathan runs the Scunthorpe Kixx branch.

Aaron, said: “It’s really nice to have people saying good things about you, and I am really happy with the rewards from Nathan, but that isn’t why we wanted to go out and litter pick. We just wanted to do our bit for the environment and help keep where we live neat and tidy.”

Ralph, added: “At school we are taught about the expectations of being safe, being respectful and being responsible. These expectations are why we wanted to help the environment and our local area. By helping the environment, you’re helping everyone and that’s what we wanted to do.”

Ralph and Aaron have committed to continuing doing their bit and hope to inspire more people, of all ages, to get involved with helping the environment.

Matthew Vickers, Principal of Outwood Junior Academy Brumby, said: “I was so proud when I heard about what Ralph and Aaron had been doing, and I was even prouder of the reaction they had received.

“At Outwood Junior Academy Brumby we firmly believe in serving the communities we are based in, and we express this to our pupils. The actions of Ralph and Aaron are the perfect example of this, and I congratulate them.”