Secondary Curriculum Intent 

Our secondary curriculum exposes students to a broad range of subjects and learning opportunities to deepen their educational experience and build a solid foundation of subject knowledge and skills. From Year 7, we aim to engage our students in the importance and uniqueness of every subject whilst emphasising the relationships between subjects. All students study English, Mathematics and Science across five years. There is a core allocation of Physical Education and within our Life programme Religious Education, PSHE and Citizenship are studied. Humanities subjects, Computer Science and Modern Foreign Languages can be studied across five years. Creative and design based subjects retain an important place in our curriculum and all students have freedom to continue their study into Level 1/Level 2 for academic and technical subjects including the opportunity to explore new subjects such as Business Studies, Child Development or Sociology etc.

Accessible Enrichment Revision Catch up Intervention Support Inclusivity Care & Guidance
Knowledgeable Interdisciplinary Literacy & Numeracy Subject Disciplines Extended Learning Careers Adviceand Guidance Cultures & Traditions Significance
Responsible Ethic of Excellence -PROUD Healthy Lives Emotional Well-being& Mental Health Relationship& Sex Education Respect and Diversity Moral Values Citizenship
Enjoyable Charity Community Participation Experience Praise and Reward Student Voice Elective Curriculum