Elective Curriculum

Students are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the academy beyond the classroom. Students are able to have new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain confidence and grow as individuals.



We embed an appreciation of the importance of charity providing our students with clear information about the work charities do and the impact they have. We encourage students to select charities that hold reasonance with them and to consider ways to raise and advocate their cause.



We take our responsibility to develop well-educated and civic-minded young people who understand how they can contribute positively to the lives of those living and working in their locality and to society more widely.

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We are determined that our students engage in all areas of school life. There are substantial opportunities for all to formally and informally take part in a variety of meaningful activities, to take responsibility for events, make contributions to school life, and have their views considered in matters that affected them. 



Across our students’ time in school we provide a wealth of opportunities to learn in new settings and contexts be it a visit to a museum, a field trip or residential, a cultural visit or foreign adventure, a sporting fixture or school concert, an author visit or guest speaker, a college or transition taster day—all provide a memorable experience, build positive relationships and foster learning that cannot be achieved in any other context or setting.


Praise & Reward

We encourage and reward effort and positive attitudes recognising that motivation comes from a sense of success and encouragement. We utilise a wide range of methods to recognise and acknowledge our students commitment, effort and achievements.


Student Voice

Being listened to, actively included in school life and decision making and feeling respected is key to helping our students do well at school. We encourage them to engage in how things work and how to challenge and change them for the better.